You allow yourself to dream

You allow yourself to dream, placing no hurdles or limitations on the flights of fancy and fantasy your mind goes on. It is far easier to believe firmly in something we can touch, see or smell, rather than trust in a ‘reality’ that exists only in our minds.

What exactly is creative visualization?

A little understood law of success is that to attract anything into your life, you must first believe in it with absolute conviction – to the point that you can see, feel and imagine already living in that changed, new reality. Yes, even today – when your actual circumstances and surroundings might be a far cry from your dream!

Most of us are not capable of abstract imagination and vivid dreaming.

Secondly, by placing your vision board where you can constantly see it and come into contact with it, you are reinforcing this cerebral stimulation. Having seen, in your mind, what you want, it becomes a natural extension for the logical part of your brain to come up with practical solutions to problems that are keeping you from living that dream in reality.

What do you put on a Centrifugal Switch vision board?

Anything related to your dreams and goals fit in your vision board.

By repeatedly bringing yourself face to face with your future potential, you are challenging your mind to stretch, expand and reach out to attain that potential.

But why take all this trouble? Do vision boards really work?

Best-selling author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, Mark Victor Hansen, is fond of telling the story about how he and Jack Canfield would tear off covers of TIME magazine, cut out the face of the person on it, and replace it with a photograph of themselves. So you might have photographs showing a vacation in the Bahamas or Monte Carlo or the Swiss Alps. As you construct your vision board, you let your imagination run wild.

He attributes creating that vision board for helping achieve his massive success as an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

How does it work? First, there’s the creative visualization that’s involved in crafting your vision board.

That very act of imagining vast possibilities acts on your sub-conscious as a powerful motivator. It’s a secret responsible for every big fortune, each major success and all revolutionary discoveries and inventions.Laurent gowns. You may have pictures of your favorite car, photos of your dream home, and samples of the fabric on your lounge or the leather of your car seat.”If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”

Within this trite and simple aphorism lies hidden a very powerful secret. Your sub-conscious mind can no longer just ignore the ambitious dreams you are focusing your attention upon and constantly drawing attention to. And in a nutshell, that is the biggest advantage and benefit of having a vision board. The idea is to create a collage with representative reminders of each component of your plans for the future. And here’s the secret – behind every dream that turns into reality, there is a clear, focused vision.

Hey, it’s easy, quick and cheap to create your own vision board – so why not just try it and see if it works for you? The results just might surprise you!

If you dream of living in a mansion, driving a sportscar, with a lifestyle that’s the envy of your peers and friends, then your vision board will reflect that goal.

Or you might take a different angle and have your vision board focus on the ultimate benefits of your posessions – a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Or you may collect magazine clippings of luxury items like Rolex watches, Mont Blanc pens and Yves St.

Because creative visualization is such an integral part of achieving your goals and dreams in life, constructing a vision board to give definition to your plans is a critical step along your path to success.

When meeting with an aesthetic

Like any business, physicians rely on the referrals and testimonies of their clientele and this can be used to your advantage.Choosing a plastic surgeon: For a few, its as easy as getting a referral from a friend who had a great experience.
Patient Testimonials: When you get to the heart of the matter, choosing a plastic surgeon is really about selecting a professional who can deliver your desired results. Just create an account at www. Should you have any more questions, be sure to ask during your initial consultation.
Surgical Facilities: Often, patients are so excited about the expectation of attaining physical improvement that they fail to ask where the procedure will be executed and this is a big mistake.ABMS.

When meeting with an aesthetic or cosmetic surgeon for a consultation, candidates should always ask about the doctors preferable surgical facility. Be sure to view photographs of patients who have experienced any and all procedures you are considering, and confirm that they are patients of the doctor you are meeting with. For other people, its a daunting job especially when there is no one to seek a referral from. The following conditions should serve as a checklist:
Board Accreditation: Is the doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)? A lot of physicians post the claim of board certified plastic surgeon Centrifugal Switch on their websites; however, they may be out-of-date or erroneous.
Luckily, there are some guidelines that prospective patients could observe when choosing a plastic surgeon.
The safest, most reputable centers are those accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF), or the Accredited Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC).

Choosing an Aesthetic Surgeon: The Next Step
After collecting the above information, most prospective patients are equipped to make an educated decision on choosing a plastic surgeon. Board certification in another medical specialty hardly qualifies a physician to perform your cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, so make sure that his/her certification is with the ABPS.
If no photos are available on the website, its imperative that you ask to see them during your initial consultation. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) allows the public to search doctors belonging to any of their member boards, including ABPS, by name. Make sure to go over the patient testimonials section on each doctors website, in addition to any before and after photos of plastic surgery, Los Angeles clinics make available.
How can you do this? The best way for a patient choosing a plastic surgeon to be sure of a physician’s board certification is by doing independent

Next, since you are the sole common

Since the investors are receiving 8 of their return in cash dividends, 22 of their return needs to come from the increase in equity value.27MM.8MM x 4, or $7. A price that you pay in equity dilution and the price investors receive for the risk they are accepting.

Next, since you are the sole common equity holder the $50K of your total $500K investment the remaining $830K of equity value ($4. Determine the equity value at the end of the investment horizon. The remaining $50K of your investment will go in as common.

The remaining 20 of the equity goes to the common equity holder.95MM (the face amount of the Preferred), times 1.

This Preferred issuance will have a five year maturity, will pay an 8 dividend in cash each year, and will have warrants for some percentage of the common equity of the business; again, the question is how much of the equity?

So, lets look at the math:

Year 5 enterprise value (or terminal value) is equal to EBITDA times your exit multiple.95MM, and not $1.

The IRR your investors are targeting is 30 .2MM (debt), less $1.

So what is the math to you, the Sponsor?

Since $450K of your investment went into the transaction as Preferred, you share in the returns of all the Preferred investors.

Lets walk through an example with real numbers so you can see how this all comes together.95MM.

Equity value is enterprise value, less debt, less preferred, plus cash (unrestricted cash). The math then is $1.7027, or $5.

From the $5.6 compounded annual growth rate.

If youve noticed that the Preferred issuance is $1.

There is a price at which your transaction will clear the market.
4.5MM; and,
Your investors will require a 30 IRR.2)). Private equity pricing on the back of an envelop in six easy steps. Doing this math results in $1. Again for illustration purposes, well assume that you will be issuing Preferred stock (the why is beyond the scope of this article) in the amount of $1.32MM divided by $4. Determine the expected enterprise value at the end of the investment horizon. To do that, there are six basic steps:

1.It starts off like a bad joke, but there is truth in the answer: How much equity do you need to give up when youre seeking to raise capital? As much as it takes. Therefore, equity value is equal to $7.32MM) goes to you for an IRR of approximately 75 (($830/50)^(. The terminal value $1.8MM in five years.
2. The reason you are issuing $1.95 x 2. What will you be able to grow the EBITDA to over the next five years the investment horizon? Lets assume for this illustration that you will be able to grow your business to $1.95MM and end up with $3.

In all, you tripled your money for a blended IRR of 26 (($766+$830)/$500)^(.27MM we subtract the face amount of the Preferred (return the initial investment) of $1. Or approximately 7.15MM, then the Preferred Stock Issuance should end up with 80 of the equity in your transaction in the form of warrants $3.95MM is because you, the Sponsor of the transaction, will be investing $450K of your $500K investment alongside the investors.08 ($450/$1950), or $766K.2MM. But first, some assumptions to frame the example:

You are acquiring a business for $5 million, or 4x the businesss EBITDA of $1.

Second, youll need to determine the terms and structure of the security you will be issuing to your investors (yes, you are issuing a security).15MM. Determine the dollar amount required that results in the targeted IRR. Determine a base case forecast for the business. Well also assume that at the end of five years that youll still have debt outstanding of $1.22^5 (thats 1 plus the 22 in IRR required from the equity build up to the power of 5, which is the maturity of the Preferred). That quotient results in the percent of equity you will need to make available for your investors. Lets assume that there is no multiple expansion, so that the 4x you paid for the business is the same multiple for the terminal value. Divide the result you get in step 5 above by the result in step 4.2MM less $1.

Finally, since we already determined that the expected terminal equity value is $4.95MM (preferred), plus $100K (cash), or $4.
Youve arranged bank financing of $3MM;
You are able to invest $500 thousand of your own money;
The financing gap is $1.32MM of equity value that the Preferred investors need to receive in order to receive a Centrifugal Switch 30 IRR (including the Preferred dividend payments of 8 ).5MM, its not a typo.2MM (you may have borrowed more to grow your business), and cash of $100K.

When you go to market with a private placement, do the math upfront to make sure i) youre providing your investors with an appropriate return, and ii) that youre not giving away too much equity.

First you need to determine what your base case is for the business over the next five years.15 $3. Your share of the 80 of the equity to the Preferred Shareholders is 23. Determine the structure and terms (except for the actual warrant position) of the security you are issuing.2).15MM.

Don’t let that happen to you

But many of us forget. The imagery conditioned your sub-consciously to work towards attracting them into your life.

Don’t let that happen to you. Yes, you need to dream in the greatest detail to get the greatest impact from your vision board. Don’t put too many, or you’ll clutter it up. For example if you want to buy your dream home – write down all about it, like the location you’d prefer most, the number of rooms, bedrooms, bath, jacuzzi, bathtubs, marble floors, driveways, swimming pool – every little detail about the home of your dreams. Arrange this rich collection on a board to create a collage, a ‘Vision’ of what you want to attract into your life. Every detail is important, so don’t miss out anything. Or maybe it’s a book like “The Secret” that helps us realize what we have forgotten about the vision board. If somebody had told us that we were using the “Vision board” to entrain the “Law of Attraction”, we would have laughed.

Organise your pictures so they form meaningful images and represent your goals or dreams.

Before starting out on your vision board, write in great detail about your dreams or goals, the ones you want to achieve in your life.. But we were blissfully unaware of their power. It is an awesome representation of the power of the Vision Board in action. Your pictures should stimulate you visually, mentally, maybe even spiritually. Rosy dreams, big dreams, happy dreams. Do you remember how, as children, you collected posters of your favorite stars and heroes, pictures of beautiful homes, animals and baseball cards, many other things that you found fascinating, loved or wished to have. starting today. Experience it all, the smell, the textures, the feel. If you big dreams, get big boards!

Pick up a bunch of magazines, newspapers, old books, old photographs.

Find the pictures that closely Terminal Board match your dreams or goals from your magazine stack. Just retain the portion you are interested in.

As children we intuitively knew more about a vision board than we do as adults. Or maybe its a story someone tells us about the ‘Law of Attraction.

Next, get some glue or board pins. Create your own magical vision board – and help create the reality you’ve always dreamed of.

Everyone needs to see a video of “The Secret”. Anything will do – whiteboard, cardboard, or cork. And suddenly, it’s too late – and you’re looking back at your past, wondering what might have been.We all have dreams. You can have as many vision boards as you like. The concept is so simple yet so powerful. Far too often, that’s all they remain, as we stumble through life struggling with our every day realities, as time flies by. Cut them out.

So, are you ready to get started on creating your own Vision Board today?

It can be lot of fun. It’s that powerful. You probably put them up on walls, wardrobes and lockers where you could see them every day. Fix your pictures on the board

Place your vision board where you can frequently look at it and recharge yourself mentally, emotionally and psychologically..

It’s important for you look at your vision board many times daily, so that you fix the images in your brain and attract them in your life. Hunt out the clippings that you have collected from your childhood, those pictures that you have put away in your shoebox.

Find a board. You could begin with a main vision board with the major details in it.

Visualize every detail about living in your home.
.. Imagine the colors on the walls, the type of doors and windows, the curtains, the kitchen, everything. It will help you move from just dreaming to taking action. Snip away the unwanted details.

But. Until we are reminded of it.

Your vision board acts a visual representation of what you want in your life or what you want to become in the future. And it’s startling just how often you see people ending up having many of these things in their reality years later. What Is a ‘Vision Board’?

Even though the name seems forbidding to the uninitated, it is really a simple thing. Sometimes it happens by accident.

Your vision board is a collection of your dreams – in the form of pictures, photographs, magazine clippings, bank statements and more – all of which are pictorial representations of your ambitious dreams and long-term goals.

Yet, you surrounded yourself with these images.

Find pictures that emotionally charge you up.

But what is your vision board really for? What is its purpose?

It’s deep, simple and powerfully effective. These symbols helped us visualize what we wanted to attract into our lives.. Have a note book where you can paste all the minor details.

Aside from these

Two great choices would be the Drew Brophy or the Drew 7. Ranges from six feet to ten feet plus! A Paddle Board that is supreme for big waves, or for the crushing, steep waves. A board that is projected for forward looking sort of surfers.

Aside from these, there are likewise the Malibu or Mini Mal, Bodyboard and Foamboard that you can pick out from as A good example of these would be the Keith Malloy Round Pin or the Mark Richards 6. However, because of their size, they tend to realize a hard time getting through white water, and some oncoming sets that they ought to out the back . Longboards are more often than not over eight to nine feet long, and with a rounded nose.


This Paddle Board differs a lot from a short board, due to the discrete rounder and wider nose, besides a much wide mid section width and letting a swallow tail .


This Paddle Board is narrow, long and has a pointy nose and tail, which is referred to as pin tail, which enables maximum rail contact. These Typecasts of boards perform very well in all aspects of conditions, and are very much ideal for a lesser amount of experienced surfers. Each of these definite Paddle Boards have their individualized pros and cons, and of course their special purports. Here is a list of the Contrasting Eccentrics of Paddle Boards.

Thruster or Shortboard

This is a character of Paddle Board that is unremarkably practiced for contest style surfing and for shredding.
. Their length is more or less five Centrifugal Switch Suppliers feet and six inches up to six feet and four inches long, and in between sixteen inches and nineteen inches wide, frequently holding a round squaretail. Since they experience a long and narrow shape, they are very easy to paddle out to get further to the sea and the big waves and much easier to control if on contact with steep waves.Contrasting Cases of Paddle Boards

There are Various varieties of Paddle Boards that freshly and old wave riders can prefer from. Funboard is a great combination of the paddling power of the Longboard, along with the turning capability of a shortboard. These as well as others can be observed at waterboyz. Two good quality ones are the BIC Ecomp long board blue or the Santa Cruz Charger pin blue lt. The Gun s name was draws from the phrase elephant gun , which means that the board is the surfers very own gun for hunting the big and giant surfs. These sorts of boards are a lot more stable in the water, and they are a lot easier to paddle, and likewise having great chances of catching some waves, which makes them perfect for newbie Paddle Boarders.


These kind of board ranges in length from six feet and six inches and eight feet flat, and about twenty inches to twenty two inches wide. A right example of these Eccentrics of boards would be a Mickey Munoz or Webber.

Long board

The Long board is likewise known as the log or the cruiser . This variety of board is between five feet and two inches and six feet and four inches long, with a length between eighteen inches and twenty inches width. This is a board that forfeitures the paddling comfort for the sake of ensure, speed and force. Fish Paddle Boards are designed to enhance the capability of wave catching, at the same time as, maintaining the maneuvering performance and the speed, a Paddle Board that is perfect for small sized to medium sized waves. Two outstanding illustrations of these would be the Oxbo Retro or the WBZ round.

It is not uncommon for a customer

By building your own skateboard, you have the control to put every feature you want on your board so that it is exactly the way you want it.

It is not uncommon for a customer to pay top price to have their skateboard built to their specific needs, especially if the customer spends a lot of time on a skateboard. You will be more likely to use your skateboard more often, and it will be easier to Centrifugal Switch hone your craft. Not only will you get a better return on your investment, but you will have a much better product. A much better option would be to use that same money and buy the materials you need to build your own. However, the same skateboard can be built for much less if the customer buys all of the custom parts and builds the skateboard themselves. By customizing your skateboard as much as possible, you will have built a skateboard that you will get plenty of enjoyment from. Before rushing out to buy that skateboard of your dreams, you may want to consider the benefits of building your own.

By building your own skateboard, you can bypass the frustration of having limitations on what you can and cannot do on your skateboard.

Since skateboards are manufactured to meet the needs of the majority of skateboarders, there are times when there is not a standard model available that truly fits the skateboarder s needs. You can purchase a deck that will be the perfect fit for your size, the type and size of wheels that make your skateboard comfortable and maneuver the way you want it, and add all of the little details that truly make the skateboard your own creation.

More experienced skateboarders have spent enough time on their skateboards to know exactly what they do and do not like on a board. It is amazing how little it costs to make your own skateboard if you know where to buy your parts. Sadly, this decision usually ends up in the customer being unhappy with a board that probably isn t going to last very long. When building your own, you have more control over the features can add and delete to your skateboard.

It is likely that once you start looking in to building your own board, you will find that the profit margin on pre made skateboards is unbelievably high and it is much cheaper to build a custom skateboard from scratch than to buy one already built.Purchasing a skateboard can be a very expensive investment, especially if you are purchasing a top of the line quality skateboard. You also get the priceless feeling of knowing that you built your board by hand. Not only does this give you a better skateboard, it will often help with your ability to perform tricks and stunts. Therefore, building your own skateboard may be the only way to accomplish getting the features you need at an affordable cost.

Unfortunately, many skateboarders don t realize how much cheaper it is to build their own skateboard and they end up purchasing cheaply made skateboards because they do not have the money to invest in a good one. Since it is easier and cheaper than most might think to build your own board, this option is definitely worth checking out!